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Meet the Team

We are a video production studio made up of a small creative team of editors, producers and videographers. We each bring a unique set of skills to the mix and as a team we provide our clients with a breadth of experience and expertise.

We believe in the art of brevity.


What brings us together is a belief that, above and beyond beautiful images, clever editing and sophisticated titles, the art of a great video is the brevity of its construction and the emotional connection with the audience. It’s like a great painting or a thrilling novel; we forget the mechanics of the parts and connect to the power of the whole. That’s why you’ll often find us obsessively searching for that right song, that special moment, that startling image from which we can capture the emotional core of your story and let it take centre stage.

We’re always keen for the next challenge.







We’re always looking for video production professionals to join our team


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