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Video is the perfect medium for delivering training and educational content

You don’t need to be a teaching institute to benefit from training and explainer videos.

As well as being able to watch training and explainer videos at your own pace you can also incorporate other forms of interactivity to training videos that adds detail and control over the learning. By incorporating a presenter as the guide through your content, you inject personality to the training video. This makes the material easier to relate to and learn from.

Why hire a trainer each time you need to train new staff when you can use training and explainer videos over and over. Perhaps you are selling a product that needs assembling; forget the ten page manual and provide training videos online instead. Not only will it reduce the cost of having to print out those manuals (that people rarely read anyway) but you’ll reduce calls to your support lines. Training videos can incorporate sound, animation, graphics, voice over with links to further resources, developing a more engaging learning environment.

Our service includes:

  • An instructional designer and writer
  • Script consultation
  • Shooting script
  • Storyboards
  • Lighting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Animation and graphics
  • Audio
  • Voice over
  • Music

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