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Interview Video – LAW-WHIZ

It’s much easier to explain the philosophy behind a brand with an interview video, which is why April A Arslan, CEO and Founder of Law-Whiz, approached us about doing this interview video as a way of introducing Law-Whiz.

Law-Whiz is a custom-designed platform that connects barristers and solicitors instantly in all common-law based countries to facilitate a seamless business operation in a more proactive manner.
Don’t just read about it here. Watch our interview with April A Arslan and see the power of the interview video at putting a human face to a service or product.

Here are some general pointers to keep in mind when putting these types of videos together:

  • Shoot in a location where the interviewee is most comfortable.
  • Best to have a location which authentically represents who you are.
  • Be aware and anticipate the questions to come.
  • Rehearse!
  • If you have the budget, best to go with a multiple camera shoot.

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