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Profile videos are the future in video marketing.

What are profile videos?
Your distinct passion and your unique vision is what sets you apart from your competitors. Profile videos are short documentaries where you are the subject and your work is the focus. Profile videos will give you the opportunity to showcase what drives you.
Why are profile videos important?
Profile videos are an opportunity to put a face to your business, this establishes trust and authenticity. Your clients get to see all the work that goes into doing what you do and with the right mix of interviews, music, archival photos and live footage you get to engage your audience emotionally.
Who are they designed for?
Profile videos are designed for independent business owners and sole traders, such as artisans, fashion designers, freelance professionals. Although generally the focus is on one person, it is possible to produce a profile video about a team of people. Basically, anybody who has a personal stake in what they do can feature in a profile video.
How are they distributed?
They can be shared on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Youtube. They can replace all that text in one of the most important pages on your website, the About Us page.

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