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Corporate Event Photographer Melbourne

Need a corporate event photographer in Melbourne?

We are a Melbourne-based corporate event photography studio with a team of professional photographers standing by to capture the spirit of your next event.

Organising a memorable corporate event requires time, money, and a great deal of effort. So it makes sense to ensure you maximise the value of your next event with a professional event photography team.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are having a large corporate event with thousands of attendees, do you have the capacity to cover it?

Whatever the size of your corporate event we can cover it. We have worked on the smallest of events with only a handful of attendees, to events with thousands of attendees across several locations and days.

Our photography packages are tailored to your requirements, with our minimum coverage being two hours with a single photographer.

What is your style of corporate event photography?

We respond to the unique needs of your event. Some events require an unobtrusive approach, while others will have us engaging with your attendees.

Deciding when to engage and when not to is a learned skill brought on by years of corporate event photography experience.

On occasion our clients will specify a style of coverage. You may require a posed, formal style of photography, or you may prefer a roaming reporting style that documents the event as it happens with no (or very little) interaction between photographer and attendee.

What type of corporate events can you cover? 

We specialise in all styles of corporate events from exhibitions, expos, award nights, conferences, symposiums, trade fairs, charity events, festivals, to small corporate private functions.

You have a venue full of corporate professionals, and we’ll be there to document it for you.

Do you only cover corporate events?

Yes. It’s our chosen area of expertise and that’s because we love it.

How far will we travel to cover an event?

While we are Melbourne-based, we cover events in Sydney, Brisbane and Australia-wide.

What level of planning goes into an assignment?

The planning stage is really important. We will schedule a pre-event consultation with you to discuss your requirements and key messages and then use this information to create a detailed brief for your approval and sign-off.
Your focus could be on the venue setup, the food, the small details, the VIP guests, keynote speakers, or important sponsors. Or perhaps your event is a networking opportunity. In this instance, our focus will be on images that convey this visually, eg. business cards being exchanged, and groups of people in deep discussion.

What can we expect after the event? 

We will provide you with high-resolution event photography images supplied via Google Drive ready for you to download and use as required.

How can I be sure you’ll assign the right photographer for my event?

Shooting great corporate event images requires technical proficiency and the ability to build rapport quickly. This is why our hiring process is so thorough. All of our photographers are professionally trained and have extensive experience in corporate event photography.

We have every kind of event photographer available so that we can ensure you get the right fit for your event. We have female and male photographers making us the obvious choice to document men- and women-only networking events and seminars.

Our photographers are selected for their personality and attitude as well as their technical proficiency and experience. It’s vital that our photographers help your event attendees to feel relaxed so that they can take natural, authentic images.

We present ourselves according to your event’s dress code and know how to switch seamlessly from engaging with attendees to adopting an unobtrusive, “fly on the wall”, approach.

All of our photographers know how to hit the ground running on the day while leaving you to do what you do best – host an event!

We know how hard you work to organise a successful event! 

We understand that as organisers and event managers, you work passionately and incredibly hard to produce a highly memorable event.

If you’re going to invest that much time and money into creating the perfect event, then allocating some of your budget towards recording it makes a lot of sense. You will not only get to keep a lasting record of all your hard work, but you’ll also have marketing assets to promote your next event.

What sort of environment can you photograph in?

We’ll discuss any technical and lighting issues during our pre-event consultation.

We have experience working in all sorts of technically challenging conditions and have the equipment and know-how to capture the best possible images in any environment.

How much does it cost to hire an event photographer? 

Our photography packages are specially tailored to your requirements with our minimum coverage being two hours with a single photographer.

What can we expect after the event? 

We will provide you with high-resolution event photography images ready for download via Google Drive.

How do I go about making a booking?

Simply, use our contact us form and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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