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Interviewing Talent For Best Results

It’s not surprising our clients often ask us how to best interview their talent. Interview video is a powerful tool, and when set up, conducted, and produced effectively they can make for some incredibly unique and engaging content.

Some of the following may be obvious, but let’s start from the beginning anyway.

  • Ensure to stand/sit as close to the camera as possible. This set up means you’ll maintain a good eye line of the talent.
  • Ease the talent into the interview process. You might be keen to jump straight into the deep end with your questions but it is definitely best to start with some easier questions before commencing onto the more challenging ones. Ask them how they are, or about their day so far, etc. This is also a great opportunity for audio technicians to adjust levels and ensure great audio is captured.
  • Best to ensure the talent responds by paraphrasing your question. This will enable us to edit your question out during post production. eg, Question: what do you think about, Response: I think that…
  • Allow breathing space between responses. This will ensure there is no overlap between the interviewer and interviewee speaking. If you happen to speak over their response, even if it’s their first word, pacing yourself means it’s easier to re-take.
  • Ensure the talent continues to look at you after a question has been responded. This only needs to be for an additional couple of seconds, again to allow for a cleaner edit to the next shot.

Together, these tips will ensure your final interview video is polished, succinct and purposeful.

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