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Case Study, The Power of Animation Videos
October 3, 2023

Case Study, The Power of Animation Videos

Healthcare animation videos

The Job:
Jean Hailes came to us with the challenge of putting together an animation describing the menstruation cycle to young women. The result is the All You Need To Know About Periods video.

The Challenge:
To break down taboos about a woman's period and describe the menstruation cycle to young women.

The video had to be: 

  • accessible to a younger audience and yet not censor any of the information
  • avoid stereotypes
  • reach a multicultural audience
  • be engaging and entertaining

The approach:
There is a taboo around discussing menstruation and blood. That's why animation is the perfect medium for this type of project. By using animation we softened the tone of the message and made the video more accessible. Because animation deals with archetypes rather than stereotypes we were able to create a main character that represented all young women rather than a figure that could be identified with a specific culture and class. The first draft of the script had a lot of medical terminology to describe the menstruation cycle. We paired this back to the essential terms and maintained engagement using visual metaphors, such as the image of oestrogen as a huffing and puffing athletic figure. These are images that viewers can relate to rather than scientific symbols that are abstract. With all these changes we developed a video that was informative and entertaining while also being emotionally engaging.

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Thanks to Jean Hailes for trusting us to produce this video. Check it out here.