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Market update videos are just one example of Real Estate videos. Market update videos are a great way for Real Estate agents to keep in touch with buyers. They are relatively easy and quick to put together and are more engaging than written text. This market update video for RT Edgar is just one example of Real Estate videos we have produced. Preparation is key to putting together this form of video, especially if you are not used to presenting in front of the camera. They also have to be produced on a regular bases in order to reach the widest possible market. Some pointers to keep in mind when putting these types of videos together:

  • Have a script, even if it’s just a list of pointers that you want to discuss.
  • Rehearse, especially if you don’t do camera presentation regularly.
  • On the day try to avoid reading from the script.
  • Keep it all as short as possible and go straight to the point.
  • Find a great location.

For more information on the types of videos we provide for real estate agents check out our real estate videos service page.

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