Women in Leadership Conference 2018, Highlight Video

Event Videography

Women in Leadership Conference 2018, Highlight Video

Event videography is an incredibly powerful way to capitalise on your events success. The brief here for the Women Leaders Institute was to capture the 2018 Women in Leadership Conference, and produce a highlight video.

The Women Leaders Institute is passionate about advancing women in leadership roles, and creating a safe space for women to feel empowered, inspired and supported in their professional journey. The Women Leaders Institute aims to drive change and also create a sense of community for women amongst various industries.

This highlight really works to showcase that community in action, and demonstrates not only how attendees have been connected across their various industries, but the way in which they learn from each others stories and experiences.  B-roll, footage of speakers, and testimonials throughout the event really demonstrate the value of the Women in Leadership Conference and can be used in the future to maximise the events reach, raise awareness, and build hype for the next year.

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