Social Media Videos: Why you need them

It’s no secret video is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to both capturing and engaging your audience. Being able to show and tell can add real impact to your overall engagement objectives. 

And when combined with social media, and its limitless capacity for communication, community and creativity, you’ll find that not investing the time in producing video for your social media accounts will be the biggest missed opportunity for your business. 

So if you’re yet to start purposefully producing videos for social media and think it’s all a little too hard, we’re here to tell you that with a little planning, it’s not. 

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Small budget, big impact 

Anything is possible when it comes to creating video for social media. Even with the tiniest of budgets. Most social media platforms, think Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Snapchat, have in-app content creation tools so it’s easier than ever to produce behind-the-scenes, more personal snippets of video content. Even think about utilising ‘stories’ if you’re aiming to showcase the faces behind your brand, or increase consumers’ relatability with your product or business. This form of bite sized social media video might be the way to go. 

How a professional video production team can help with social media videos

A professional team knows how to produce lots of great content in the most cost effective way. They know how to help you strategise on the content best suited for your audience, and they can prepare a production schedule so that content can be shot over one session. This means that numerous social media video assets can be produced during the one day, which is not only cost-efficient but gives you content to use for months in advance. Content that features footage edited in a way that adds professional quality, makes it both more desirable and credible for the viewer to consume.

This was the case when working with Doors Plus on their promotional video to showcase the Sliding Barn Door. A two person production team completed the Doors Plus shoot over 5 hours, and together with the promotional video, a range of high quality social media assets were produced. Below is a 15-20 second snippet of the Sliding Barn Door in action, tailored perfectly for Instagram’s 1:1 aspect ratio.

You can check out the full promo video for Doors Plus here

The below sizzler from Reed Gift Fair is another great example of professional video that can be used over and over again, across website, social media and beyond.

At Pixel3 Video Productions we can plan content, schedule production over one session, and produce enough content for coming months. It’s proof that professional video production for social media video doesn’t have to break the budget. 

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