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Profile videos weave interviews, archival footage and testimonials with emotive music to create a mini documentary. There is a cinematic quality to a profile video and at the heart of it is the team, the artisan, the CEO, the founder of the business.

Check out the profile video for Red Balloon Candy Artisan.

Profile videos are an opportunity to put a face to your business, establishing trust and authenticity. With the right mix of interviews, music, archival photos and live footage your clients get to see all the work and passion that goes into doing what you do. Profile videos are a great way to develop that emotional connection with your clients.

Profile videos are designed for independent business owners and sole traders, such as artisans, fashion designers, freelance professionals. Generally, the focus is on one person, but it is possible to produce a profile video about a team of people. Basically, anybody who has a personal stake in what they do will benefit from a profile video.

You can publish these on your website to replace all that text in the About Us page. They can be short enough to be shared on Instagram and the longer version can be published on Facebook or YouTube. Profile videos do not have to be cinematic, they don’t have to be intricately constructed; the key to a great profile video is the passion of the person/people behind it.

For more check out our profile video page.

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