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About Us

In a world where marketing content is becoming increasingly mediocre, achieving something truly astonishing becomes a rebellious act. You refuse to accept the ordinary while dreaming of the day your precious brand or business takes flight and everybody finally sees it the way you do. If you’re ready to turn your dream into reality, you’re in the right place!


Join us at the forefront of digital storytelling as it evolves frame by frame

Pixel3 Video Productions has been producing video content that reflects our values of respect, trust, integrity, vision and curiosity, for more than 10 years.

Our ethos has been simple. Hire the best talent, combine our abilities, and collaborate closely with clients across various sectors, while garnering a reputation for practising what we preach along the way.

We get it. You want simple. You want scalable. You want measurable results. You know what you need to capture and crystallise on film. And in the fast-changing terrain that video production entails, it’s exactly what we deliver.

From concept through to delivery, we’ll inject your brief with soul and nurture it to life with our expert team and professional sound, lighting and camera gear.

We receive consistent and generous praise for our attention to detail, communication, approachability and commitment. So once we join forces, you needn’t worry about a thing.

We're more than just videographers. We strive to make the best films we can and try to shake up the art of visual storytelling in the meantime.


We invest in our people so they’ll invest in yours

Our team of creatives, producers, directors, designers, editors, animators and marketers, work together as a cohesive unit towards a shared goal.Your goal. We devote the same level of attention and skill to multiple event shoots as we do to small scale one-off video productions.

Our already bonded team is made even tighter by the family focus at its core. A team is only as good as its leaders and we’d be rudderless without brothers’ Anthony and Charles Spiteri at the helm. With years of media lecturing and professional videography between them, the brothers established Pixel3 Video Productions over ten years ago. During that time they have grown the team and nurtured the business to become one of Melbourne's and Australia’s leading and most-respected video production companies.

Each Pixel3 team member has been carefully selected for their expertise, but also their commitment and devotion to their craft

As a values-led studio, we are careful to invest in people who share our core values of respect, trust, integrity, vision and curiosity.

Our talented and hard-working team are the beating heart of Pixel3 Video Productions. Without their combined experience and drive we would not have grown into one of Melbourne’s and Australia’s busiest and most respected video production studios.

Since our inception, we’ve combined our abilities and values to work with countless clients across various sectors, garnering a reputation for practising what we preach along the way.

Our Process

Throughout our 10+ years in the business, we have refined and re-refined our processes so that there are no surprises and you’re always kept informed of your project’s status.

This is how we do it.

First port of call is getting to know you. We’ll ask a lot of questions about your brand or businesses’ objectives to pin down exactly what you hope to achieve as well as what success means to you.
Once we’ve got a good handle on your objectives, our team will meticulously research your industry, your competitors e.g. what they’re doing well and what they’re not doing well. Once we have all of this precious data, we’ll see where you fit alongside your competitors and within your industry.
Using the data above, we’ll start creating concepts and ideas that establish that emotional connection you crave between your brand and your audience/s.
Once you’ve approved your creative brief, we’ll get cracking on your video assets! We bring your vision to life from production to post-production, all the while inviting feedback from you and your team and keeping you involved of any and all developments.
This is when we offer marketing support to ensure we deliver targeted and efficient campaigns, while making the most of the brand new assets in your marketing toolkit..


With more than 15 years of video production under our belt, it’s fair to say we’ve had plenty of time to iron out the kinks and make sure our processes are pretty bloody bang on. Clear and transparent workflow processes are essential for many reasons. It minimises any potential confusion or frustration during the project, and it also keeps you firmly on budget.

Knowing the best and fastest way to achieve your goals also makes us very easy to work with. Although your video content needs are utterly unique, the process we follow to create it for you has been time-tested over many years. Testament to that are our many ongoing relationships with some of the world’s leading brands.

We regularly get great feedback about our video content, but we receive just as much applause for the end-to-end process. Nailing your video content is what you commission us to do. But there’s no rule against surprising the hell out of you just how easy we are to work with.

Video is the most effective way to amplify your message