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Behind every video is a dedicated
team of video production professionals

Though, it’s not like we planned it.

We just really loved film and filmmaking. Charles wrote the scripts, planned and directed, while Anthony shot and helped to edit the short films. It was so much fun. We loved seeing the stories develop from the chaos of the shoot. We even got some of the short films shown at international film festivals.

Then we both took up teaching positions. Drawing on his marketing experience, Anthony taught business, media and marketing, while Charles developed courses in film production. Teaching was an incredible experience because it taught us to develop a more strategic and methodical approach to everything that we do. All the while we never stopped filming.

As a freelancer Anthony would shoot events, conferences, parties, businesses promos, until he got so busy that he had to give up teaching to put together Pixel3 Video Productions. Charles joined the team sooner after.

That was over ten years go now. And here we are. It’s not like we planned it but each day we are so excited to jump onto the next corporate video project. Now it’s not just the stories we get excited about, but seeing our team and the excitement and talent they bring grow. And seeing the value our videos add to our clients and their business PR and marketing strategies.

We’re always looking forward to the next challenge.

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