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Let our Melbourne animation studio show you how persuasive and powerful animation can be

Animation is one of the most engaging and powerful communication tools. Pixel3 Video Productions has been producing animation content for our Melbourne and Sydney clients for over 10 years.

Why Animation?

Transforming complex and sometimes taboo concepts into something accessible and non-threatening, animations can reach the people more likely to engage with your content.

With animation you can create archetypal characters that break down cultural barriers and reach a broader audience. From animated graphs to pie charts and tables, animation adds flow, rhythm, sound and music to what may otherwise be a dry presentation. Depending on your content, the animation can add heart to your message and deliver it in a friendly, non-confrontational tone.

Animation = Total Control Of Your Message

Animation videos give you total control over the content because everything is created in the editing suite. This makes for endless possibilities. Characters can fly, zoom through outer space or swim deep under the sea. The options are only limited by your imagination.

While producing animation content is time-intensive, the long-term benefit is that changes or updates to your message can be made to your animated video whenever you like. No expensive reshoots on location are required, just an editing session.

What’s involved in making an animated video?

A finished animation takes some time to create so it helps to plan early. A detailed schedule is key to clarifying your deadlines at the initial consultation.

At our Melbourne animation studio we guide you through the entire process, and if need be, we will tweak and tailor the workflow to suit your production needs. We provide the complete package.

Generally, the process involves the following stages:


Planning is crucial and always starts with a script and storyboard.

Script development: There are different ways of approaching this. Some clients supply their own script for review, others will provide a list of key points, a manual, press release or other written material from which we generate the script. We always work with you, the subject matter expert, to develop the script. Once we commit to your project, we engage with you as a production partner and see collaboration as key to nailing your brief.

Choosing a colour palette: This is often based on the company’s branding guidelines and dictates the mood and feel of the animation.

Storyboard development: The storyboards are your first chance at seeing the visual elements that will tell your story. This is where we really flesh out the ‘look’ of your animation.

Animated storyboards: This rough draft has a basic voiceover and music and is when you’ll really start to get a feel for the structure and rhythm of your animation. This is when we iron out any pacing issues, check for unnecessary repetition and make sure the visuals compliment the narrative.


Once the script, image style and music has been approved, we develop all the graphics and the animation for the final production. We then complete the animation with a mastered soundtrack that includes sound effects, music and the final voiceover.

If you want to explore how animation videos could work for your business, email [email protected] and let’s get started

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