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Since 2010, our Melbourne 2D animation studio has been creating custom animated content that speaks to the people who matter most; your clients.
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Dr Rhonda Garad
Head of Education
Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation
Pixel3 went above and beyond to meet all our needs, while their expertise and attention to detail ensured they will be a long-term partner of MCHRI.
Sarah Cabret
Marketing and Engagement Manager
Sexual Health Victoria
The Pixel3 team made filming such an incredibly positive experience. They made our team feel comfortable in front of the camera and handled the sensitive content with great care and professionalism.

2D Animation Service, right here in Melbourne

Let Us Show You How Persuasive And Powerful Animation Content Can Be

At Pixel3 we’ve been creating 2D animation content for healthcare, corporate and many other sectors, both locally and internationally, since 2010.

We can nurture a kernel of an idea, and convert it into accessible and engaging animated content that speaks the language of your target audience. 

Animation videos give you total control because everything is produced by us in the editing suite. This gives you endless possibilities to convey your message, as well as the option to update your content, as things evolve and change.

No matter what level of experience you have, we will guide you throughout the entire process

Producing an animation video is a collaborative process. You know your audience better than anyone so your insight will provide a crucial role in the production process. We’ll bring all the ideas and experience, while you get to decide what will best resonate with your audience.

We promise that the production journey will be seamless, and that your animation will be on-message, on-time and on-budget

Choosing Pixel3 for your animation project gives you access to a dedicated team of script writers, illustrators, animators, audio specialists, and voiceover artists ready to work on your content. 

Your creative director will be the go-between; managing our team of experts, while guiding you through each stage of the animation production process. You’ll be invited to review and approve each step before we move on to the next. This ensures we keep your vision and our work aligned throughout the project, and that we get it right, first time!

Our animation production workflow has been refined over many years so everything from scripting, to the look and feel of your illustrations, to budget considerations, and of course, the voiceover artists and music choices, are all managed by your creative director in close consultation with you.

The first step is to simply get in touch with our team to chat about the possibilities.

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Animation Projects


Over the last 15 years we've developed a fully managed end to end animation production process that not only delivers exceptional results, it also makes us exceptionally easy to work with. We’re often asked about the stages necessary to produce a 2D animated video


All good things start with a chat. As a collaborative partner, we'll learn all about you, your organisation and your objectives for the animated content. We'll run you through our production workflow, go over what you can expect of us and what we may require of you, and answer any questions you might have about the process.


After our chat, we'll have a firm idea of what you're wanting to achieve with your animation video. We’ll formalise our discussion in a production proposal. It will outline the scope of work, your timeline, budget and the creative direction for your animation project.


After you sign off on the proposal, you'll be assigned a video production team including a Creative Director who will work with you throughout the entire project. All committed to making your project a success.


It's time to get started on your project! Working with you, your Creative Director will begin by first mapping out all the pieces required for your animated video, before outlining the next steps.

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Doing some research before you speak to an animation studio will help you clarify what you’re needing. It's crucial to define goals, provide a script even in draft form, and set clear expectations for style, mood, and deadlines, usually we require a couple of references too, to help understand what you wanting.
Yes absolutely, our service is end to end, meaning we will take care of all aspects of the production for you and involve you during key milestones throughout.