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Pixel3 is a full-service video production company in Melbourne that helps organisations win engagement with expertly produced video content.
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With 15 years of video and animation content production, and over 2,000 projects produced in this time, you can be sure you’ll have a professional production team you can trust to deliver the quality video content you require, on-budget and on-time.

Composed of results-focused strategists, passionate creatives, filmmakers and dedicated content producers, our digital content and video campaigns have helped brands and businesses across a variety of sectors. We’ve helped start-ups, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals grow sales, disrupt markets, attract customers, raise funds, recruit talent and train employees.

With a network of over 50 video production  professionals across Australia, and a dedicated in-house team, we are ready to produce high-quality video content for clients across Australia and beyond.

Sector Experience

We have collaborated with global brands to produce video content across a diverse range of sectors.


Animation Video

Animation is the ideal medium to transform complex or taboo subject matter into content that is easily accessible for patients, students or employees.

Profile , Brand Videos

Brand videos evoke emotion, build trust and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Promotional Videos

Our promotional videos work hard to showcase products and services, elevate brands and attract interest with those that matter.

Interview video Productions

Interview videos are a powerful way to show off expertise and engage your audience with an important message. whether it be from a specialist, client or CEO.

Training Videos

Video content is a great medium for education. Whether filming talking head style presentations, or producing storyboarded content to educate on a complex tasks, we can help.

Corporate Event Photography

Whatever the size of your corporate event we can cover it. We have worked on small events with only a handful of attendees, to events with thousands of attendees across several locations and days.


This service is available to content professionals and video production agencies needing post-production support and to corporate professionals needing assistance with existing footage.

Social Media Videos

With social media’s infinite capacity for communication and creativity, not investing in video content is a missed opportunity for your brand.

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It all starts with a chat. As a collaborative partner, we'll learn all about you, your business, your service offering, your target audience, your marketing objectives and your immediate video needs.


We'll present our ideas to you and your team, taking you on a journey through our creative vision for your video content. Here's where you'll see initial concepts for how your video might look, sound and feel.


You'll be assigned a team of specialist video producers and crew that are dedicated to making your project a success. Our network includes teams across Australia, the UK, and the US.


Time for your onboarding session! We'll walk you through our production process and the proposed schedule, before outlining the next steps.

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Pixel3’s success in business over the last 15 years can be solely attributed to the understanding that when the content we produce for our clients excels in its objectives, it’s just as much a win for us as it is for our clients.


Producing video content has many moving parts. We've refined our workflow over the last 15 years, which means we not only produce great video content for our clients, but we’re also really easy to work with, and that’s equally important!


We’re a full service video production company and we’re flexible in the level of service we provide for any given project. If you have your own in-house team and just need production support, we can do that, or you can engage us to manage the whole project end to end.


Our talented and hard-working team are the beating heart of Pixel3 Video Productions. Without their combined experience and drive we would not be the successful and respected studio we are today.

Pre-production: Script-writing and Storyboarding

At Pixel3 we’re flexible in the level of support we provide for your project. Whether you come to us script ready or you require full pre-production support, we can help. If you need it, we have experienced script writers and storyboard artists who will work closely with you during pre-production to ensure we are totally aligned with the vision you have for your video content.

Live Streaming

Want to live stream an event? We work across the country covering live corporate events, conferences, live music performances and shows. If you need a professional team to manage your live streaming requirements, we can help. We have a number of different live event streaming options and streaming packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

International Production Crewing

Does your project require coverage across multiple national or international locations? We have a vast network of professional video production crew and can manage the entire project for you. We have worked on many projects requiring teams not only nationally but internationally too.

Green Screen

Need to shoot green screen content in Melbourne or Sydney? Our green screen video production service, backed by a skilled team, is ready for your project. We can handle all aspects of production from crewing, studio, and post-production, contact us for more details.

Drone Coverage

Elevate your video content with professional drone coverage. Whether you desire dynamic, high-speed sequences featuring sharp turns or prefer a slow and cinematic approach we can help. Reach out to learn more about Pixel3's extensive range of drone videography and drone photography services.

Motion Graphics

Need motion graphics for your project? Motion graphics involve creating animated graphics and visual effects that are added to a video in post-production, to enhance its visual impact and communicate information in a more engaging way. Our talented motion designers are briefed in detail about the goals of the project, and then get to work creating the visual elements you need for your project to elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary.


Ready to get

Hiring a video production company offers you access to a team of experts in production with sharpened skills in visual storytelling, the use of cutting-edge equipment, and in editing impactful video content on time and on budget.
The difference between an in-house team and hiring a production company is the breadth of experience that a dedicated video production company can bring to your project. A video production team will have experience in delivering video content to a wide range of audiences, across many different industry sectors and distribution channels.
This breadth of experience helps to ensure the video agency's creative insights and fresh ideas contribute to the success of your video content. Be it to deliver an important message, to educate or to engage an audience to take action.
We derive immense satisfaction from producing high level video productions for our clients. Content that delivers on their expectations, on time and on budget.
Our many years in production has taught us that good quality video production work takes intricate pre-planning, the assembly of the right crew for each unique project, investing in cutting-edge gear, ensuring efficient post-production processes, and maintaining ongoing client feedback loops with diligence.
Our video production team work extremely hard to make sure that we are meeting your expectations of the content we are producing for you. You’ll have a dedicated producer who will work with you across the entire project, getting your input at every important milestone.
We are a full service production company, which means yes absolutely, we will look after any casting that may be required for your video production or animation project. This includes acting and voiceover talent. Our inhouse team of producers do all the leg work so you don't have to.
Yes absolutely, we are a full service production company, which means we can look after any location scouting and permits that might be required for your video production project. Some of our clients already have this in place and don’t require this service from us. You have the flexibility to choose how you’d like this managed.