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There are 4 key features to training and explainer videos that make them such an attractive option for business.

Cost effective: Perhaps you are selling a product that needs assembling? Forget the ten page manual and provide instructional videos online instead. Not only will it reduce the cost of having to print out those manuals but you’ll reduce calls to your support lines. Why hire a trainer each time you need to train new staff when you can use training videos over and over? This is a particularly attractive option if you have large number of staff across Australia. Training will not replace trainers, but when implemented strategically, videos will cut the number of training staff required to deliver training and save in travel cost. Explainer videos can make complex concepts more digestible with the use of animation and music.

Standardised delivery of learning: Training videos and explainer videos also ensure that the content is standard and consistent every time it is delivered. With an examination system integrated with the the video training program, you can also ensure that the outcomes are consistent. This works particularly well with training that requires practical skills.

Improve accessibility of learning: The one video can be translated into different languages and because video is a primarily visual medium, you can develop content that will reach an audience from different ethnic backgrounds. Videos are accessible across various devices and with a well-planned distribution strategy they can be made available to isolated locations where it would not be cost effective to deliver training any other way, such as country towns.

More user control: In our busy lifestyle video is the perfect medium to facilitate self-paced learning.

For more detail on the different types of training videos check out our blog on USING VIDEO TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. Part 4: Training, Instructional and Explainer Videos.


Personalise the learning for greater engagement. For example by incorporating a presenter as the guide through your content, you inject personality to the video. This makes the material easier to relate to and learn from. Also, whenever possible, use examples that the learner is familiar with to enhance the engagement.

Structure the learning so that there is a sense of progression and development, while making sure that the fundamentals are reinforced with repetition. Introduce the learning with a clear summary of what will be learned and avoid redundancy by delivering only on what is to be learned.

Really strive to create that immersive experience by taking advantage of sound fx, music, animation and interactive elements, but use these elements strategically to enhance the learning, not overwhelm it. Sometimes less is more.

Vary the learning but be consistent in what is delivered.

Check out some examples below and get in touch with us if you have any queries.

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