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Need an interview, talking head or client testimonial video? We have you covered with a professional team across Melbourne and Sydney
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Sarah Neuhof
Marketing Manager
Doors Plus
From the moment we first engaged with Anthony and Charles, I knew we had found the right team to collaborate with on our Customer Testimonial and Training Video Content.
Melissa Golledge
Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Oceania Region
I’ve really enjoyed working with Pixel3 and especially appreciated the patience and expertise shown by your entire team.
Interview video company Melbourne and Sydney

Interview & Client Testimonial Videos, Melbourne

If credibility and authenticity are what you are after then client testimonials videos should be an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Client testimonials provide honest, unscripted feedback on your products or services. Their power lies in this simple premise: your customers trust their peers to tell the truth. Watching other people talk about your brand puts a face to your business, generates credibility and reassures your target market that they are making the right choice.

Today’s consumer is sophisticated and discerning. They’ve seen it all before in terms of marketing collateral. However, they do trust other consumers to give unbiased feedback and client testimonials give them much-needed reassurance about the decision they’re trying to make.

Expert interview video production

We have been creating authentic, natural, compelling client testimonial videos in Melbourne and Sydney for more than ten years.

Having worked with an incredibly diverse range of people from different ethnicities, professions, age groups and with differing levels of physical ability, we have the experience and sensitivity to ensure your interviewee feels comfortable enough to give a convincing monologue about your business or service. Building this rapport is one of the things we do best. Our team knows how to put a subject at ease and provide the right direction to draw out sincere testimonials from them.

There are many variables and creative decisions that contribute to the production of a captivating interview and client testimonial video. Our production team we’ll guide you through the whole process.

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Testimonials & Interview Video Projects


Numerous creative choices play an important role in crafting an engaging interview and client testimonial video. We're here to lead you through every step of this journey. We’ll learn about what you’re hoping to achieve with the content, propose an approach for the content in-line with your budget and we’ll guide you through the whole production process from end to end.


All good things start with a chat. As a collaborative partner, we'll learn all about you, your organisation and your objectives for the video content. We'll run you through our production workflow, go over what you can expect of us and what we may require of you, and answer any questions you might have about the process.


After our chat, we'll have a firm idea of what you're wanting to achieve with your testimonial video. We’ll formalise our discussion in a production proposal. It will outline the scope of work, your timeline, budget and the creative direction for your video project.


After you sign off on the proposal, you'll be assigned a video production team including a Creative Director who will work with you throughout the entire project. All committed to making your project a success. Our network includes teams across Australia, the UK, and the US.


It's time to get started on your project! Working with you, your Creative Director will begin by first mapping out all the pieces required for your video, they’ll lock in a timeline and start working through the logistics before outlining the next steps.

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Generally we recommend at least two. It gives our editors the flexibility to work creatively with your coverage and they can seamlessly cut between tales. Changing camera angles can also help hold the viewer's attention.
We always bring lights to our interview productions. Lighting ensures we get the right exposure on the subject, and as viewers we are always drawn to the brightest part of the image. With interview videos we want our subject(s) face to be well lit and the background finessed with a hint of lights to set the right mood for the content, whatever your project requires.
We have worked on many projects requiring the remote recording of interviews, not only national but international too. Let us know what you require and we can advise you on what’s possible.