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Do you have your own footage and need a professional video editor to bring it to life? 

Pixel3 has been producing video content for clients in Melbourne and across Australia for over 15 years and we are now offering high-level professional video editing services to content management professionals.

Who is this video editing service for? 

This service is available to content professionals and video production agencies needing post-production support during peak time and to corporate professionals needing assistance with existing footage or footage they plan to shoot themselves. (This service is not available for personal projects).

Why do I need a professional video editor?

A clever marketer knows that strategy is key. Simply taking stock of your existing footage and repurposing it with a different message can save you time and money as well give you the peace of mind that you have quality content ready to go when you need it.

You’ll be surprised at what a skilled editor can do to rework your content for multiple use on a number of different platforms. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you have a marketing deadline to meet.

What kind of video content do we edit? 

You may have recorded a client testimonial over Zoom, have some professionally shot video content from a past project or captured some unexpectedly engaging video with your smartphone. Or perhaps you don’t have any footage yet but would like to partner with a professional post-production team to help you shoot professional quality footage when the need arises.

In this instance we can also advise you on how to get the best results when you plan to shoot your own video.

How we work

Our video editing service is a collaborative one. We consult extensively with you beforehand to define your expectations and objectives, get a clear picture of your intended audience while setting firm timelines for the deliverables.

With each video having its own specific requirements, we provide custom quotes based on your unique objectives, target audiences and distribution strategies.

What do we offer?

We can bring your existing footage to life whether it’s been shot professionally, captured on your smart-phone, or even recorded during a Zoom meeting. Our video editing service will give your footage a professional finish with a clear message.

These are just some of the services we can provide:

  • A professional video-editing service. We will work with your existing raw footage to create professional, engaging, entertaining or informative new assets in-line with your communication objectives.
  • Re-edit old or outdated footage with new branding or graphics.
  • Add seamless voiceover audio and/or add subtitles, captions or other on-screen graphics.
  • Provide ongoing support whilst you shoot your own video content to ensure you get the best possible result.

How our video editing service works

  • We’ll book you in for a Zoom meeting to look over your assets, discuss your objectives and define the project’s specifications.
  • We’ll prepare a project brief and send it to you for approval.
  • Once approved, we’ll give you instructions on how to upload your footage to our cloud or you can send a copy via post.
  • Select the options you require eg, voiceover recording, level of motion graphics you require, colour grade etc
  • We apply the edits agreed upon in the brief and send you a preview.
    You either approve or suggest further changes.
  • Once finalised, we will give you a link so you can download your newly edited video/s and use them as needed.

Ready to partner with us for your video editing?

If you’d like to learn more about our video editing service, please reach by click here: Contact us 


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