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Do you have your own footage that’s needing some love?

At Pixel3 Video Productions we have been producing video content for our clients for over 10 years. We are now offering a high level professional video editing service to content professionals across Australia, who need quality video content, delivered fast.
We will bring your existing footage to life. Be it footage you have shot professionally, or content you have captured using your smart-phone, or even Zoom meeting content. Our video editing service means you’ll have a professional edit every time and when you need it.

Our editors have been refining their skills over many years of experience and you can be assured we will work with you to achieve the best possible results. Crucial to any good edit is the ability to arrange the right sequences of content for maximum impact, applying the necessary effects to smooth over hard edits and find the right soundtrack or effect to ensure maximum engagement with your content


  • Provide a professional video-editing service. We will work with your existing raw footage to create professional, engaging, entertaining or informative new assets for you or your business.
  • Re-edit old or outdated footage with new branding or graphics.
  • Add seamless voiceover audio and/or employ subtitles, captions or other on-screen graphics
  • Provide ongoing advice, suggestions or support whilst you create your own content. We are here to help you produce a final video product you are proud of.
  • Convert your video production into the size or format that is compatible to your needs.

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