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Establish a deeper connection with your clients with a brand video.
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Melissa Golledge
Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Oceania Region
I’ve really enjoyed working with Pixel3 and especially appreciated the patience and expertise shown by your entire team.
Charles Ng
Pixel3 delivered Orbitkey's latest Kickstarter campaign video with care, passion and the utmost professionalism. We love the result and highly recommend Pixel3!

Unveiling the Heart of Your Business with A Brand video

Do your potential clients and customers truly grasp the passion and dedication that fuels your operations? Do they recognise the individuals or teams brimming with inspiration, vision, and perhaps a touch of obsession, behind the products or services that you offer?

Brand videos create an emotional connection between your brand and your potential customers. And there’s no better way to make that emotional connection than with a well told story.

While a good mystery might compel you to turn the pages of a novel, mystery surrounding your product or service can be disastrous. If your clients don’t understand you or what you do, they may go elsewhere.
A well-crafted brand video can make for a great first impression, give your business a human face in a way that words alone cannot, and reassure a prospective client that you are the right person to solve their problem. Brand videos can be shared on your website, across social media, and even showcased at trade events.

Regardless of your organisation's size, brand videos serve as a powerful tool for establishing rapport with newcomers to your brand, while deepening connections with existing clientele.

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Brand Video Projects


Over the last 18 years we've developed a fully managed end to end brand video production process that not only delivers the results you’re looking for, it also makes us exceptionally easy to work with.


All good things start with a chat. As a collaborative partner, we'll learn all about you, your organisation and your objectives for the video content. We'll run you through our production workflow, go over what you can expect of us and what we may require of you, and answer any questions you might have about the process.


After our chat, we'll have a firm idea of what you're wanting to achieve with your brand video. We’ll formalise our discussion in a production proposal. It will outline the scope of work, your timeline, budget and the creative direction for your video project.


After you sign off on the proposal, you'll be assigned a video production team including a Creative Director who will work with you throughout the entire project. All committed to making your project a success. Our network includes teams across Australia, the UK, and the US.


It's time to get started on your project! Working with you, your Creative Director will begin by first mapping out all the pieces required for your video, they’ll lock in a timeline and start working through the logistics before outlining the next steps.

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Hiring a video production company offers you access to a team of experts in production with sharpened skills in visual storytelling, the use of cutting-edge equipment, and in editing impactful video content on time and on budget.
The difference between an in-house team and hiring a production company is the breadth of experience that a dedicated video production company can bring to your project. A video production team will have experience in delivering video content to a wide range of audiences, across many different industry sectors and distribution channels.
This breadth of experience helps to ensure the video agency's creative insights and fresh ideas contribute to the success of your video content. Be it to deliver an important message, to educate or to engage an audience to take action.
We derive immense satisfaction from producing high level video productions for our clients. Content that delivers on their expectations, on time and on budget.
Our many years in production has taught us that good quality video production work takes intricate pre-planning, the assembly of the right crew for each unique project, investing in cutting-edge gear, ensuring efficient post-production processes, and maintaining ongoing client feedback loops with diligence.
Our video production team work extremely hard to make sure that we are meeting your expectations of the content we are producing for you. You’ll have a dedicated producer who will work with you across the entire project, getting your input at every important milestone.
We are a full service production company, which means yes absolutely, we will look after any casting that may be required for your video production or animation project. This includes acting and voiceover talent. Our inhouse team of producers do all the leg work so you don't have to.
Yes absolutely, we are a full service production company, which means we can look after any location scouting and permits that might be required for your video production project. Some of our clients already have this in place and don’t require this service from us. You have the flexibility to choose how you’d like this managed.