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Just look at the stats:

  • Video usage is on the rise.81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63%, the number reported in our 2017 survey.
  • 99% of those who already do use video, say they’ll continue to do so in 2018.
  • 65% of those who don’t currently use video, say they plan to start in 2018.”

But here is the rub: You will not be getting the best out of your promotional video if you plan it poorly. In fact it might work against you. The good news however is that it’s not difficult or expensive to make a video that will work for you.



To make the right promotional video for your needs here is what you need to consider:

  • Your target audience: don’t try to create a video for everyone, but have a clear picture of who you are selling your product/services to.
  • Your call to action: what do you want the viewer to get out of and do from watching your promotional video. You notice I say ‘call to action’ not ‘call to actions’; often you can try to put too much in a single video and it becomes a mishmash of ideas. Keep it simple.
  • Think about how you are going to use this promotional video. Where will you distribute it? Yes, think about this now as it will affect the length and style of the video. It helps to remember that making the video is only half the story; a distribution strategy is essential.
  • Consider your budget. Be realistic about what you can afford to do. It does help to put as much money as you can on a good video and to see it as a long term investment, but you don’t need a big budget to create a video that will work for your needs. The one golden rule is don’t try to do it on the cheap. Either adjust your concept to fit the budget (and this is where it helps to discuss the video with a video production company) or leave it for a time when you can do it right.
  • To keep budgets down try to limit the number of locations where to shoot and the number of days to shoot. Also, plan the video meticulously, with at least some form of script and preferably a storyboard. The more time you spend planning the more organised the production will be and the more effective the outcome.



Promotional videos come in many forms, they can be educational and instructional, they can incorporate animation and interviews, in the form of testimonials or vox pops, they can be short docos in style, they can be humorous or factual; in fact the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, schedule and budget.

A quality promotional video is one that understands exactly what the audience needs and expectations are and delivers as succinctly as possible. That’s why there is no such thing as a short attention span, only a poorly thought-out video. Promotional videos need to be tailored around your marketing objectives and provide options based on your schedule, budget and target audience.

You’ll be surprised at how cost effective promotional videos have become and how easily and quickly they can reach your target audience. There is no excuse to miss out on the possibilities of low cost video marketing and the new advertising opportunities it provides.

We are always excited by the creative possibilities that promotional videos provide to promote your product, service or message.

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A quality promotional video brings a business and clients together.

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