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Need an Event Video? Quick Pointers on Producing One - Reed Gift Fair 2019 Melbourne
April 30, 2020

Need an Event Video? Quick Pointers on Producing One - Reed Gift Fair 2019 Melbourne

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It's great fun producing the event video production for The Reed Gift 2019 in Melbourne. This impressive event is held four times a year and it's where new and existing buyers and suppliers in the gift, fashion and homewares industry meet to do smart business. The video has already garnered 56K views (and it's probably more by the time you read this). We thought we'd take an opportunity to address some of the quick key pointers to look out for when producing an event video for a live event.
  1. Get as much coverage for the event video as possible, without getting in the way of all the action. B-roll footage is a must
  2. Capture a variety of images, from wide shots to closeups. Try to think of the edit as you shoot. A shot list helps here. Keep in mind what you need but be prepared for the unexpected, after all this is not a scripted event.
  3. If using a second camera make sure the image quality is comparable between the two. This will save you a lot of work in post production trying to match colours and picture quality.
  4. Focus on people doing stuff. Depending on the type of event, make sure to capture images of people discussing, writing notes at panel sessions, talking to exhibitors, panelists being interviewed etc. You want to emphasize a vibrant atmosphere.
  5. Make sure you have audio backup, in the form of a zoom mic recorder or something similar, especially when doing interviews. Chooses the right mic for the job as sound quality is something you won't have a hope of fixing in post.
  6. Know your equipment and bring backups, especially batteries. Make sure everything is clean, charged and in working order.
  7. Try to look as professional as possible; remember you are representing the organisers who have worked so hard to put this event together and you want o assure them that you take this seriously.
  8. Think of safety for the people around you. Don't have cables trailing behind you and whenever you need to do an extensive lighting set up lighting interviews use sandbags and  tape down cables in an area where you are not in the middle of the action. Safety should be your number one priority.
  9. Get plenty of sleep the night before always helps!
Thanks to Reed Gift Fairs for entrusting us with this project every year. It was great fun. Check out the Reed Gift Fair Highlight.