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Winning Viewers With Video Content: Show, Don't Tell
October 7, 2023

Winning Viewers With Video Content: Show, Don't Tell

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It’s hard to deny the power of mystery in popular culture. It stimulates our imaginations and keeps us riveted to a film or book until we resolve it ourselves, oftentimes before the protagonist does.

While a good mystery might make the box office hum, too much mystery surrounding a product or service can be disastrous. If your clients have a hard time understanding you, what you do, and why you charge what you do, they may go elsewhere.

Therefore, breaking down any mystery around your company or service presents a clear objective for  your marketing strategy. That is, to work on producing video content that makes a great first impression and instills confidence in a prospective client as soon as they land on your site.

At our Melbourne video production studio we help clients create strategic video content that does exactly that.

Case in point, the product promotional video we produced for Orbitkey Nest. Although the concept behind this portable desk organiser is simple, the best way to show that was with video. Writing pages of notes about it was never going to pique much interest so we made a promotional video explaining the concept, showing how it works and demonstrating how it can be customised to suit the user.

Check out the Orbitkey Nest Kickstarter campaign for more details.

If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, interviews can be quick, easy and really effective  too. You can use them to talk about a recent project, the challenges you had and how you went about solving them for your client. If you can include your client saying a few nice things about their experience via a client testimonial video, it will lend even more weight to your credibility and authenticity.

Even a simple on-screen timelapse video of you at work can be surprisingly effective by giving a glimpse into the time and effort that goes on behind the scenes while offering real insight into your professional practice.

As you prepare your monthly content calendar, consider how best to reassure your ideal client that you’re the right person to solve their problem.

Remember, increasing transparency and reducing mystery, not only makes you more approachable, it generates trust.

Be more effective than your competitors at making a positive first impression with video content and reap the rewards.

Get in touch with our video production studio at info@pixel3.com.au and let's get started.