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Melbourne Video Production Locations and Why We're Spoilt for Choice
September 5, 2023

Melbourne Video Production Locations and Why We're Spoilt for Choice

melbourne video production locations

Melbourne Video Production Locations

When it comes to scouting Melbourne video production locations, we are always spoilt for choice. With its blend of urban landscapes, heritage-listed architecture, and lush gardens, Melbourne offers up a huge range of backdrop options for filmmakers like us to bring your vision and message to life.

Melbourne's architecture boasts a blend of historic structures and contemporary buildings. A perfect example of this juxtaposition of old-world charm and futuristic architecture, is Flinders Street Station, with its distinctive yellow facade, contrasting with the sleek lines of Federation Square's modern design.

While Melbourne is now considered Australia’s largest city, it is also renowned for its stunning natural surroundings. The Royal Botanic Gardens features rich greenery while the Great Ocean Road (not technically in Melbourne but not far away!) presents breathtaking coastal views and the famous Twelve Apostles.

But Melbourne offers more than a visually interesting backdrop. Our rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities provides a diverse pool of talent for casting. Whether your video requires actors, models, or extras, you're likely to be spoiled for choice when searching for the right talent.

Melbourne’s diversity extends into our suburbs with neighborhoods that provide different atmospheres and settings for video production. From urban and edgy locations, to charming garden settings, the city has it all with plenty of abandoned buildings, sporting grounds, colourful street corners, and serene parks to choose from. Footscray in the inner west offers a gritty, multi-cultural vibe, Yarraville has both industrial warehouses and cute cottage facades, Williamstown has historic shipping yards, and Frankston has a beachside boardwalk.

It’s no accident that Melbourne has a well-established film and video production industry, which means it's equipped with the infrastructure necessary to support projects of all scales. From video production studios like Pixel3 Video Productions, to studios for rent, and a grid system that means navigating the city is pretty straightforward. This accessibility translates to easier location scouting, reduced travel times, and a smoother overall production experience.

We feel very lucky to be located in a city that offers so many varied Melbourne video production locations and we'd love to talk about some ideas for your next shoot. Email Anthony at info@pixel3.com.au and let's chat about the possibilities.