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The Importance of Pre-Event Promotional Video
November 29, 2023

The Importance of Pre-Event Promotional Video

Pre Event Promotional Video Production

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we've been producing video content for events for many years. Our work in the event space has allowed us to work with event management professionals across Melbourne and Sydney for over 10 years. We have an extensive collection of event videos and lots can be viewed here: event videography

So why a blog on a pre-event promotional video? Well, it's become such an important video asset for event managers. With thousands of events being held across Melbourne and Sydney every year, all vying for attention, how do you win more engagement with your content? We believe video is the answer and a pre-event video? Crucial!

Pre-event promotional videos can be an important marketing tool, building hype, drawing traction or attracting speakers and attendees to your conference or event.


Why video? Video content is one of the most powerful and engaging mediums. It can be easily integrated into your marketing campaign and distributed on all of your social media platforms. It is and will remain one of the key ways in which you engage and influence your target audience. The strength of a pre-event promotional video is the impact, enthusiasm and excitement it will generate for your event. It is the most powerful visual medium to showcase the energy and the inspiration behind your event. It will convey a sense of atmosphere and immediacy, establishing the tone of your whole event.

What kind will work best for you? There are a few things to consider when you are planning to produce a pre-event promotional video. There are a number of different types of pre-event video, each with their own strengths. However, sometimes it can be confusing to narrow down what kind might work best for your needs. If your main intention is to build hype then teaser videos can be a great pre-event promotional tool. This might include footage from past events, keynote speakers, or b-roll footage of attendees. Teaser videos highlight some of the best bits from past events and may also serve to attract speakers and exhibitors to be a part of your event. Announcement videos or a keynote speaker address video may be a great way to generate interest. In this style of video we have a keynote speaker, or other event lead, address your audience providing teaser snippets from their presentation or highlighting how much they are looking forward to seeing everybody at the event. Their motivational voice and tone tends to add a level of credibility to your event and its theme. A brief explanation of topics is a great way to get the audience excited for what’s to come. Keep in mind that your speakers can be some of the greatest advocates for your event. Why not showcase the location of your event? Venue videos can be really important, because location matters, especially for those coming from interstate or overseas. If you’re trying to draw traction to your event, a pre-event promotional video that establishes the venue might really finalise the deal. Our tips and tricks

  • Stay goal oriented. The length and the amount of content in a pre-event promotional video is not necessarily the most important part. Your content must be succinct and purposeful.
  • Use testimonials! You want your audience to want to attend and want to participate. Building authenticity is key when trying to achieve that.
  • Stay true to the essence of your event. Don’t use platforms or create content that are not relevant to your message or your audience.