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Three best brand story video examples
March 20, 2024

Three best brand story video examples

Three best brand Story Video Examples of 2024

Every business has a story to tell and if you're currently searching for a way to tell yours, here are three examples of brand story videos that we think will inspire you. Whether these are the best is of course a matter of opinion, but we think that they demonstrate some of the key features that make video a powerful tool for telling your corporate brand story and attracting the attention of those that matter to you.

The Story of Netflix | 25th Anniversary | Netflix

We love this video because it develops an engaging sense of history with a dynamic mix of archival material, motion graphics and a clever script, laced with dashes of humor. Twenty- five years of changing technology and development, crunched down into a promo that is under two minutes makes this a great example of how video can compress time while maintaining a coherent narrative drive. There is an element of nostalgia here, as well as a confidence in the future that we find inspiring.





Bolt has a manifesto, but discussing your manifesto can be boring, on paper that is. Wrap the message into a video, with some cool music, a distinctive look and creative editing, to transform that manifesto into a dynamic attitude and a call to action. It's the energy of the music that brings this all together, which highlights that choosing the right song is pivotal to developing the right mood. Listen out for the inclusion of sound effects which adds a cinematic edge.




Worldline Corporate video

Sometimes you can just let the images, a few captions and a dramatic musical score tell the story. We love how the central idea of this video 'It takes two to create trust' is developed with the juxtaposing of images that, combined in creative ways, build a narrative that is both dynamic and emotionally engaging. There is also the colour grade of the footage with the added grain, to give the images the emotional warmth of filmstock, like documentary film making, raw and genuine. Often with video, subconscious details like the colour grade, the look of the images, are overlooked, but they make an important contribution to the overall effect of the video.




Think about what you like.

It helps, when considering a video to promote your business, to search the internet, listing as examples videos whose style you like, outlining what you like about them and then approaching the video production house with examples of key features that you would like developed in your video. Such preparation will save a lot of time (and money) in the development process and, from experience, will lead to a video that will achieve your needs.

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