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January 31, 2023


Every event needs some form of video. In fact I would say that you are really not making the most out of your event without a video content.

An event could be a conference, awards night, trade shows, product launches, seminars and team building excursions. There are many ways to use video to both support and promote an event. You’ll note as I go through the options that I have already discussed some of these formats in previous blogs, specifically interviews.

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we have been producing video content for events for over 12 years. Working with event management professionals to produce video content to help them promote their events. You can view some of our work here: event videography portfolio

Now, let’s run through the options:

Video Testimonials. Video is the most powerful medium for capturing testimonials. These can be during the conference or after, with conference-goers, sponsors and keynote speakers. Let's face it, written testimonials can be written by anyone, but on video you see what you get. Testimonials can be posted on your website to maintain excitement during the convention. They can also be used to promote future events. Sponsor testimonials are great for attracting future sponsors. Check out an example of a video testimonial.

Interview videos can be conducted with the keynote speakers and made available online or streamed live during the conference to generate excitement. If your keynote speakers are available for an interview before the conference starts than these can be shared on social media to promote the event. It doesn't even have to be a long interview, just a quick hello and a "Looking forward to seeing you at the [Your Event]" will be great publicity. Interviews can also be made available once the conference is over on your website, or through social networks, such as Youtube and Vimeo. You could make some available for free while others on a pay per view model. This is great residual marketing. Check out an example of an interview video.

The Intro/outro video is the video that opens and closes the event. This can be the organiser welcoming the guests or a montage of graphics that introduces the theme and sets the mood for the event. Each presentation could have it's own intro, which is a great way to set the mood and excitement.

Presenter Videos are videos of each presentation. These videos can incorporate images from the power point presentation so make sure you make these available from each presenter to the video production house. These videos can be made available on your website after the event is over; some for free while others at a cost. They can also serve as part of the promotional material for next year's event.

Event Highlight Videos are videos designed to capture the best moments of your event. These can be daily updates posted on your website during the conference that stimulate excitement or at the end of the event to serve as a reminder of the success of the event. Add some testimonials and interviews and you can then shape this into a promotional video for the next year's event. Check out an example of an event highlight video.

B-roll footage is footage from the conference that is used to create the promotional video. B-roll should include footage of:

  1. The venue and the setup
  2. Conference-goers discussing and networking in between presentations.
  3. The sponsors' and exhibitors' stands
  4. Conference-goers having a great time
  5. Conference-goers engaged as they listen to presentations.
  6. Any practical sessions, particularly footage showing conference-goers engaging with the exercises and working in teams.
  7. Food, showbags and other goodies

Promotional video incorporates B-roll footage, interviews, testimonials and presenter videos in a single clips, edited to music with opening and end titles. These are used to promote future events. Check out an example of an event promotional video.

This is the last blog in this series. Hopefully you have found some of the information useful. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. I will return in two weeks’ time.

In the meantime have a great week.