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Why Hire a professional videographer for our corporate event?
February 14, 2024

Why Hire a professional videographer for our corporate event?

Event Videography Melbourne

If you're reading this blog you're probably weighing up the benefits of hiring a professional videography team for your next event. And there are most certainly, a few variables to consider.

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we've been producing video content for events for many years. Our event videographers have worked with event management professionals in Melbourne and Sydney, delivering impactful video content to help our clients grow their event fans.

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In this blog, we go over why we think hiring a professional event videography team for your Melbourne or Sydney event is important.

Melbourne and Sydney host thousands of corporate events per year. Symposiums, conferences, festivals, expos and more, all vying for an audience, and how do you maintain and grow your own audience? We believe, carefully crafted video content is an incredibly important element of the overall marketing strategy.

Is hiring a team expensive? Well it depends on your objectives and how you intend to use the content. It’s easy to think that you could just get someone you know to shoot your coverage. Maybe even get a group of your staff or film students and shoot some interviews and presentations, then slap those onto your website.

Even if the staff or film student you engage has some experience the result will never be as good as when you hire a professional event videographer. And as impactful as professional looking videos are at raising engagement with your product or service, a bad video will do the complete opposite.

So here are a few reasons why it’s worth engaging a professional to cover your next corporate event.

  • Autonomy: Once you provide them with a brief, then they look after all the rest, so you can actually focus on all the other necessary event co-ordination and the things you do best.
  • Experience: Because they have done it before they can preempt issues you might not have considered and provide solutions that will streamline the process, saving you time or money or both.
  • Technology: They have access to the latest technology so that you know your are getting the best results. This means not just a better image but better audio recording and more versatility with the type of cameras used and how cameras are moved to capture the right images. And that’s not taking into account all the lighting equipment and accessories. It helps to remember that you are not just hiring someone with a camera, you are hiring event videography professionals who will bring with them a suite of technologies to make it work.
  • However, even with all that technology at your event it’s important that they remain invisible on the day. You don’t want cameras and monitors to become the focus of your event.
  • You’ll get much more choice in the editing suite. A professional event videography production house has access to music and graphics databases, for lower thirds and titles. And if you’re looking for a more tailored approach they have access to music composers and graphic designers that can achieve the look you want.
  • And importantly professionals meet deadlines.  Hiring a professional videography team means you don’t have to worry about the edits not being completed on time. A professional team will deliver the content when you need it, so that you can release it when it will have the greatest impact with your intended audience.

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