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What type of video do I need? We'll help you choose the right one to grow your business
February 13, 2024

What type of video do I need? We'll help you choose the right one to grow your business

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With so many video solutions available to get your message across how do you choose which style of video is best for your communication needs?

There are a number considerations, such as how you intend to disseminate the video, your audience expectations and your allocated budget. All three will determine what your possibilities are.

Regardless it's important to be familiar with the below styles of video. Inevitable you would have already watched many videos employing the below approaches to win your engagement. What was effective with you and why?

Equally important are the decisions you will make during production and on every element that makes up a video. That is, the music choice, the script and language used, the voice over artist, the style of cinematography, and location set and the pace of editing. All these elements play a big part in how effective your video content will be with your intended audience.

The below is an introductory list of video styles to get you going. Importantly any single piece of video content may employ any number of the below styles of video.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS can be educational and instructional, they can incorporate animation and interviews, in the form of testimonials and vox pops. They can be short docos, or even be short movies. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, schedule and budget. For more information and some examples go to our Promotional Video page.

INTERVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS will add credibility and establish trust to your message. This is particularly important with videos that relate to corporate social responsibility. If you want to incorporate testimonials or capture presentations go to our Interviews and Testimonials page.

ANIMATION is the perfect format for delivering complicated subject matter or topics that might be considered taboo. Explainer videos almost always use some form of animation because the medium lends itself well to making complex concepts much easier to understand. Go to our Animation page to see the many ways that animation can be used and for some examples.

TRAINING AND EXPLAINER VIDEOS are ideal for staff training or to replace printed product instructional manuals. Video integrates vision and sound for a more immersive learning experience. If you want to inform or educate go to our Training and Explainer Videos page to see how video can enhance the delivery of your educational content.

PROFILE VIDEOS are highly emotive mini profiles that can focus on the founders, the teams or even the corporation as an entity. The corporate profile video establishes the company’s philosophy and ethics, which can also form the basis for recruitment videos. Profile videos establish a human connection and trust by putting a face to your company. Go to our Profile Videos page for more details and to see some examples.

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we will advise you on the best solution to ensure you invest in the right video content to meet your overall objectives. Reach out and let's chat about your video production needs.