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A Look At Early Menopause. Healthcare Animation Video (MCHRI)

A Look At Early Menopause. Healthcare Animation Video (MCHRI)

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Healthcare Animation Video on Early Menopause

Our Melbourne-based video production studio is a leading supplier of healthcare animation videos in Melbourne and we've just completed another project with the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation. We’ve worked with MCHRI many times to produce healthcare video production content for their educational programs and it’s always a pleasure to play a small part in the delivery of their important work.

Our latest collaboration involved creating an animated video on the topic of early menopause. As menopause is chronically underdiscussed, our animation production team were honoured to contribute to education around this topic.

The MCHRI again chose an animated video format for their video. Many healthcare providers choose animation over live action as it not only renders the information non-threatening and accessible, but it also allows for animated graphics of human life processes and medical procedures.

The MCHRI provided a draft script that we reviewed and edited for flow and clarity. The final version succinctly explains that although the majority of women begin the process of menopause around the age of 50, one in ten women experience it’s symptoms before the age of 45. This is considered early menopause.

This is all described in a voiceover provided by a woman of indeterminate age. Her delivery is warm but matter-of-fact and her tone implies that while early menopause can be challenging, its symptoms are normal and manageable.

We concluded the healthcare animation video with this message, “There is no cure for early menopause but symptoms and health risks can be managed and women can enjoy a healthy life”. This gives the viewer hope and reassures women that in spite of its difficult symptoms, there are medications and management strategies to help alleviate the discomfort of menopause and early menopause.

Menopause has traditionally been considered a difficult topic to discuss, but it needn’t be. This healthcare animation video demonstrates this by converting a taboo topic into an accessible and informative educational tool.