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What is PCOS? Healthcare Animation Video

What is PCOS? Healthcare Animation Video

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We recently produced a healthcare animation video for the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), a collaborative partnership with Monash Health, dedicated to delivering improved patient experience and health outcomes.

This healthcare video is about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is the most common hormonal disorder affecting women of reproductive age with around 1 in 10 women receiving a diagnosis. The symptoms of PCOS, difficulty falling pregnant, irregular menstrual periods, excessive hair growth, weight gain, acne and mood disorders, are caused by an imbalance of two hormones, insulin and androgens. The condition has no known cause.

Medical information like this can be confronting so healthcare professionals have to be very strategic when developing their communication strategies. Healthcare animation videos have come to play a vital role in delivering this kind of complex scientific information in a way that's non-threatening and easy to understand. By converting high-level medical information into intelligible 'explainer videos', the content becomes more accessible and less threatening which means viewers are more likely to engage with it.

The animation format 'warms' up the information considerably. When sensitive medical issues are explained using the tools of animation - colour, sound effects, movement, characters - they become much less intimidating. The animations impart challenging information in a charming, friendly manner while ensuring that users understand and take away the important facts that they need.

Healthcare animation videos also offer an alternative to written content which can be dry, uninteresting and easy to avoid. When the message is this important, it's imperative that it's consumed and understood. Our key objective with healthcare videos is accessible, uncomplicated education.