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Bombardier Global XRS - Private Jet Tour

Bombardier Global XRS - Private Jet Tour

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The brief was to put together a virtual tour video showcasing the Bombardier Global XRS plane. Because of the covid lock-down buyers couldn't visit to see the plane so this video would serve as a display piece. The buyer profile was more conservative, more senior individuals, and a particular music choice was important for this group. We envisaged a dance around and through the plane's key features, time ramping to specific images that would demonstrate the class and style of this luxurious plane.

Shooting this tour video had it's unique challenges. First lighting: the interior of the plane is not large enough to accommodate a lighting setup and in order for lights to have any effect on the outside we would need a Hollywood production budget. Luckily the clouds saved the day. An overcast day meant that we could should all the interiors and exteriors when the clouds covered up the sun.

Using a gimbal we focused on getting the movement we needed as smoothly as possible, which is particularly important when speed ramping is involved.

Kudos to the plane's staff on the day who kept the plane in impeccable condition; the wood paneled interiors where so finely polished that we did have to work a little harder to avoid reflections, but it also meant that, in some shots, we could use the reflections to capture elegant compositions.

In short: filming a plane was awesome.  We are very proud of the result.