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Sexual Health Victoria, Brand Video

Sexual Health Victoria, Brand Video

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Brand Video, Sexual Health Victoria

Sexual Health Victoria (SHV), formerly Family Planning Victoria, has been a leader in reproductive and sexual health for over 50 years. In line with increased awareness around the broad spectrum of sexual and gender identities, Family Planning Victoria has re-branded as Sexual Health Victoria, a body committed to supporting individuals regarding their sexual health and wellbeing. As one of Melbourne's leading healthcare video production studios, we were thrilled to partner with them on the re-brand.

The ‘Family Planning’ moniker had come to be associated with pregnancy-related services, which wasn’t representative of the organisation's key focus. Sexual Health Victoria is for everyone, not just those planning pregnancies.

Our objective for this healthcare video, was to clarify this along with promoting SHV’s inclusivity, lack of judgement, and to highlight programs and initiatives for those in the LGQBTI+ communities.

As sexual health topics can often be taboo, it was our aim to create a healthcare video production that showed the staff as approachable, warm and unshockable. The humour and light-heartedness in the video is balanced with a professional tone that shows the staff as well-qualified and loving their jobs.

We spoke to Sarah Cabret, Marketing and Engagement Manager, to find out how the video had been received.

How have you used this brand video?

We used the video as part of our launch event on 1st February 2022, as well as our rebrand initiatives, social media and recruitment drives.

How has it been helpful?

The culture reel illustrates the modern, professional and friendly environment which we represent. Our objective is to ensure everyone feels warmly welcomed when they visit our clinics or participates in our training and education programs.

What kind of feedback have you received?

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; viewers felt they better understood the brand's values and environment which made them feel more comfortable talking with us about sensitive sexual health topics.

What was it like working with Pixel3 Video Productions?

Pixel 3 is an amazingly talented team; they took the time to understand our overall business objectives in addition to the objectives for our video. They quickly built rapport with those being filmed to ensure the footage was authentic and organic which resulted in a great outcome.

How did you find the entire production process?

Seamless. The day was well planned, the edit process was swift and responsive and the project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Sarah Cabret
Marketing and Engagement Manager
Sexual Health Victoria