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Change to Walking, Schools, Promotional Video

Change to Walking, Schools, Promotional Video

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Active City reached out to us to produce a 3 minute promotional video to highlight the successful outcomes of the Change to Walking intervention. Epping Views Primary School had run the program successfully with some very impressive outcomes. It was the school we decide to case study.

The video production was funded by Victoria Walking (a walking advocacy organisation) and sponsored by VicHealth (government preventative health agency)

The target audience was mainly Government practitioners who may consider funding and delivering these types of projects and specifically local government officers. While parents are a major determinate in kids walking to school, we felt that it should be suitable for their viewership also.

The Change to Walking’s overall objective was to test the use of behavioural insights (or nudges) on encouraging a shift from short car trips to walking trips.

The video was to explain the program intent, the nudge components that made up the intervention, highlight the positive experiences students and the school had with the program and explain the results. The students' stories aim to highlight how they felt and personalise the program outcomes (e.g. 10% drop in car use is really about many children having new, fun experiences of how they travel to school)

Specifically we had to capture the footpath decals around the school, b-roll footage of students walking to school following the designated routes and we shot a number of interviews with children, parents and the principal team.

Promotional videos are a great way to showcase a program’s success. In this video production we captured the positive impact the program has had on students and the school community at large.