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Doors Plus, Client Testimonial Video

Doors Plus, Client Testimonial Video

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Client testimonial videos add an extra element of authenticity and personality to your existing marketing assets. They are an effective way to showcase the joy of a happy customer and can reach your audience in a way typical marketing assets won't.

More often than not, a quality customer account of their experience with your brand can be all that is required to convince your prospects to commit to a purchase.

This project: Doors Plus is a well-recognised Australian brand, bringing quality doors to homes all over Australia. We worked with the Doors Plus marketing team to produce this client testimonial video to help them launch a new product, The Barn Door.

The video’s key objective was to a capture a client’s typical experience when buying a new door with Doors Plus and getting it installed. This includes searching for a suitable door via their website, having a Doors Plus consultant complete a measure and quote and finally the installation of the door by a skilled installer.

Our talent for this video was Rachel De Oliveira, an Instagram influencer on beauty and home styling. Her followers are predominately women in their late 20's/early 30's category and respond well to a young mother of two. Young mothers, are generally the key decision makers for new home deco and styling.

This video was shot over 5 hours onsite, with a 2 person video production team. In this time we shot b-roll footage of the installation and two interviews with Rachel to capture an authentic account of her experience with the Doors Plus brand.

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we have been producing client testimonials for over 10 years, all over Australia, reach out if we can help you with your content.