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Client Testimonial Video, Doors Plus

Client Testimonial Video, Doors Plus

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Client Testimonial Videos - Communicate Credibility!

If you want to communicate credibility around your product or service, then client testimonial videos should form part of your marketing strategy. Sometimes, this form of content is also referred to as a Case Study video.

Doors Plus have commissioned client testimonial videos from us in the past so they know what a powerful endorsement for their products and services they are. Wanting to showcase a fantastic new product, they approached us again to let one of their repeat clients do the talking.

Their client, Kelly, had purchased from Doors Plus in the past and didn’t hesitate to approach them again when she moved into a new home. As a busy home stylist, Kelly isn’t afraid to tackle a home renovation project. She and her partner have been renovating their family home while raising seven kids so, needless to say, they are extremely busy.

So they knew they needed to engage a reputable company who would take the stress out of the process.

This time around they needed to update their front door. The screen door wasn’t closing properly which left them unable to leave the door open to let in sunlight and fresh air.

So Kelly visited Doors Plus and after a helpful consultation, chose the Guardian 2-in-1 Door.

Kelly says, “What I loved about it, is you have this beautiful exterior without having to worry about security with the kids, because the security screen is there built into the door. And then on the inside, I can just open up the glass panel and the light and air just flow through. It just brightens up our whole entryway, while keeping us safe.”

As Kelly is a very busy mum, having only one door to open while juggling bags etc is much easier for her to manage. Security is important so being able to open the glass panel and see who is at the door without unlocking the main door gives her peace of mind.

This client testimonial video highlights the "no fuss" approach of engaging with a reputable company to manage your renovations.

We captured the client in her home first demonstrating the problem she needed to solve, showing her visit to Doors Plus and engaging in a consultation with a helpful salesperson, the installation of the new product, and Kelly using the new product and singing its praises.

This is hugely powerful product and brand testimony for potential clients.

Client testimonial videos like these, provide honest feedback from a client on your products or services. Remember, your customers trust their peers to tell the truth. Watching existing clients speak enthusiastically about your product not only puts a human face to your business, it reassures your target market that they are making the right choice.

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we have been creating client testimonial videos Australia-wide for more than 10 years. To view more samples click here: Client Testimonial Videos