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Delonghi Coffee Conversations with Sam Low

Delonghi Coffee Conversations with Sam Low

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De'Longhi Coffee & Conversations with Sam Low

It’s fair to say that De’Longhi are inspired by coffee. Specialising in coffee machines and coffee beans, De’Longhi have built a reputation based on quality, innovation and trust over many years.

This giant of the coffee world approached Pixel3 Video Productions with the aim of producing a video series called ‘Coffee and Conversations’. Hosted by Sam Low, New Zealand Masterchef winner and coffee lover, the series sees Sam interviewing different industry leaders in order to build brand awareness, as well as align themselves with professional award-winning baristas.

In this, the first of the series, Sam Low speaks to Melbourne-based Craig Simon, Australian brand ambassador for De’Longhi and a multi-award-winning Barista and Coffee Roaster. Craig founded his own roastery, Criteria Coffee in 2018 with the objective of assisting others in their pursuit of coffee excellence.

Craig’s interest in coffee goes far beyond the cup. From farming and roasting, to brewing and service, Craig has been involved in the coffee industry for 15 years. A three-time Australian barista champion, he explains his 20-year journey from dishwasher to coffee champion. He also explains the difference between his personal and professional relationship with coffee.

In this video, the interviewer is equally as important as the interviewee so it’s important that both appear in the video content.

The interview itself achieves multiple objectives. One, it allows the viewer to watch an award-winning barista and a Masterchef winner have a casual yet informed chat about all things coffee. Two, these industry experts provide a powerful testimonial for De'Longhi coffee machines and coffee beans. Three, it strengthens the relationship between De’Longhi and award-winning baristas.

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