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e-Safety Commissioner, Protecting our Children.

e-Safety Commissioner, Protecting our Children.

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eSafety Commissioner, (SEIM) videos series

In this video series our objective was to arm parents with the knowledge they need to protect their children while online. It was a pleasure to once again collaborate with Sexual Health Victoria (SHV). This time we created a series of eSafety videos as part of their resources for education and training around: eSafety and relationships and sexuality education and provided to parents, carers, guardians and teachers of young people aged 10-14 years.

Special thanks must go to the eSafety Commissioner who awarded SHV grant funding to make this project possible.

We produced three videos between 5-8 minutes each. The one featured here was on the topic of adult sexual material. Our objective was to create video assets for educators, parents and caregivers around the issue of sexually explicit internet material (SEIM) which includes sexually explicit material, online gaming and online platforms to share SEIM, and to offer guidance on how to speak with their young people.

As Sexual Health Victoria explain, adult sexual material is a construct, often involving paid actors, scripts, and editing. Central to this video’s message too, are issues around themes of body image. There is a growing concern that the bodies presented to us in adult explicit videos as the norm, are changing how we think about beauty, and making kids and grownups, anxious and depressed.

We also created a video on Grooming:

And another on Sexting:

As all of this material is very sensitive in nature, with discussions of sexually explicit material, paedophilia, concepts of consent and respectful relationships, our approach had to be very considered. We had to be mindful that these topics can be triggering so we had to find ways to balance the delivery of important information with sensitivity to its potentially confronting nature.

One important tool we use to deliver difficult messages like these is animation video. We placed animation throughout each video to reinforce key messages and keep the content visually interesting.

We recorded all three videos in a studio environment with a cyclorama as the backdrop. Studio environments are controlled environments meaning you can control the lighting and eliminate any background noise of distractions.

Pixel3 Video Productions provided a full service for SHV which includes concept development, script revisions, production and post-production.

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