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Click Engage Convert Conference 2019 - Melbourne

Click Engage Convert Conference 2019 - Melbourne

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There are so many video options when it comes to marketing your event. Filled with testimonials and highlights from the day, this video from the 2019 Click Engage Convert Conference in Melbourne is a great example of how to promote, build traction, and promise bigger and better things at the next event.

Click Engage Convert is a digital and social media marketing conference for small business. Running for 2 days, the event includes practical workshops and expert keynote speakers who reveal best practice approaches when it comes to all things digital marketing. This ranges from social media marketing, content creation, SEO, website optimisation and even analytics.

Our brief was to create a 2 minute video capturing the vibrant spirit of the event, showcase leading speakers and get quality testimonials from attendees on how they benefited from the event.

This is a highly polished video, bringing together heavy graphic overlays, b-roll footage of engaged attendees, and upbeat motivational music. The high energy of the piece really showcases the overall value of the event to any small business owner wanting to take more control over their marketing efforts.

In addition to the 2 minute clip, we also produced a range of other sizzlers and vox pop interviews from the conference. Clips like these can be drip feed across social platforms, and easily shared by fans.

The goal of the event was to have attendees leave the conference with big ideas and strategies they can implement into their own business. With a strong focus on building brand awareness, generating engagement and leads, the same can be said about incorporating similar event video productions into your own marketing strategy. A great event video can build awareness, hype, and establish not only credibility surrounding your event, but attract the most renowned speakers and attendees from your industry.

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