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Melbourne Beer Fest 2022, Event Videography

Melbourne Beer Fest 2022, Event Videography

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We were so pleased to be invited back to provide event videography for another Beer Fest Melbourne. Being asked to work for them again is testament to their satisfaction with our efforts last year. We captured their 2021 event and we reckon this one only raised the stakes.

The Power of Event Videography

Anyone involved in event management knows the incredible amount of time, money and effort it takes to pull off something successful and memorable. So, once it’s all over, it can be a bit deflating to be left with no record of your triumph.

Most marketing professionals already understand the necessity of having video in their marketing toolkit. They know that investing huge amounts of time and money into organising a memorable event can only be elevated by allocating some of the budget towards recording it. It’s not just about having a record of the past, it’s about strategically planning your future marketing efforts.

Create Powerful Marketing Assets with Event Video Production

Event videography is more than a record of an event, it’s a powerful marketing asset that can be used to promote your next event. Melbourne BeerFest know this. With over 300 different types of craft beers, ciders, seltzers, cocktails, gourmet street food on offer, as well as some big sponsors and a picturesque St Kilda location, they know that documenting their events is crucial. When they’re ready to promote their 2023 event, they’ll have some really important promotional assets ready to go. This 40-second highlight can be edited into multiple short snippets for use across all of their social media channels.

Event videography can be employed for a number of different occasions and the team at Pixel3 Video Production have been capturing them across Melbourne and Sydney for over 10 years.

Maximise Your Events Success

Everyone’s marketing objectives are unique. No matter what your purpose is, you can maximise the success of your event success by capturing it on video.