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Event Videography: BeerFest 2021

Event Videography: BeerFest 2021

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Any kind of event management requires huge amounts of time and money, not to mention a great deal of effort. Once it’s all done and dusted, all you have left are your memories and a few reviews (if you’re lucky).

If you’re going to invest that much time and money into creating the perfect event, then why not allocate some of your budget towards recording it? You will not only be left with a lasting record of all your hard work, but you’ll have the perfect marketing asset to promote your next event.

Melbourne BeerFest did just that. With over 300 different types of craft beers, ciders, seltzers, cocktails and international gourmet street food on offer, they would have been mad not to. When it comes time to promote their next event, they’ll have all the promotional material they need. The longer form 1:02 video can be shown as is or broken into bite-sized snippets for promotion across all of their social media channels.

Event videography covers a huge spectrum of occasions including presentations, award nights, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, live demonstrations and meetings both large and small, and we have been recording all of them across Melbourne and Sydney for more than 10 years.

Everyone’s objectives are different. You might be looking to create an event highlight video like BeerFest, or to produce long form keynote speaker presentations to sell behind a paywall or to capture interviews with guest speakers for a drip feed marketing campaign. No matter your aim, you can capitalise on the success of your event’s success by recording it.

Catering for all event budgets, we offer half-day, single videographer coverage as well as a whole team of event video production professionals for larger events with big budgets to play with.

Either way, make your marketing budget go further with event videography.