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Training Video, Introduction to Group Education

Training Video, Introduction to Group Education

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Talking Head videos

Talking Head videos are used in organisations of all sizes. They’re an effective way to deliver a message to your intended audience, particularly when a quick turn-around is required. The key to shooting an effective talking head video is to work with the subject and ensure they’re comfortable in front of the camera. After years of producing talking head videos we know how to bring out the best delivery from our subjects, delivering their content confidently and with authenticity.

Purpose: This video is the first of a series of videos we produced for Family Planning Victoria. It is a course welcome video emailed to participants prior to their arrival for on-site group education. It informs participants on what to expect when they arrive.

Audience: Individuals of all ages with mild intellectual disability and working towards independent living. The language and delivery of the content had to be presented in a way that could be easily digested. The FPV educators had issues in the past with participants feeling anxious about turning up to the course, this video aimed to ease that anxiety.

Technical: Here we used 3-point lighting on the presenter, a backdrop, for audio a lapel microphone plus a professional shotgun microphone on a boom stand, 1 camera shooting in 4K.