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Medical Role Play Videos - Family Planning Victoria

Medical Role Play Videos - Family Planning Victoria

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Medical consultation role play videos are an effective way to demonstrate good practice. If you’re needing to improve the communication skills for a particular cohort, then producing role play videos is a cost effective training solution. The training material is available to reference 24/7
In these role plays for Family Planning Victoria we produced 7 videos to help GP’s be more effective in their communication during patient healthcare consultations. The topics centered around sexual health information and screening. Specifically the topics included;

• Contraception options using the new FPAA Efficacy card
• Quick start with a focus on Implanon and the combined pill for young person
• Routine Cervical Screening Test
• Sexual history taking
• Blood borne virus screening
• Gender and identity

Each video begins with a talking head introduction piece by a Family Planning Victoria medical professional. They introduce the content and direct the viewer to focus on particular elements throughout the role play. The videos then move into the actual role play between GP and patient.

These video productions required a two camera setup. One camera to capture the GP’s questions/responses and the second for the patients questions/responses. It was shot in an actual medical clinic and we used a 3 point lighting setup to ensure we created the right room ambiance you would expect in a medical consultation room.

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