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Getting to Know You with Interview Video | David Gonski

This is the second interview video in a series we were commissioned to create for Leyland Private Wealth Assets.


Leyland Private Wealth Asset Management is one of Australia’s leading independent private wealth managers.


To create a series of interviews called the ‘Leyland Conversation Series’ to lift the profile of Leyland Private Wealth Assets within the finance sector.


Director, Charles Leyland, commissioned Pixel3 Video Productions to shoot a number of these interviews with some of Australia’s most prominent finance and business leaders.

The focus of each interview is on the interviewee including their career, life and what drives them.


In this interview, Charles interviews David Gonski, who in Charles’s own words, is an outstanding leader in Australia’s corporate, education, arts and philanthropic circles.

David Gonski’s background is too extensive to list here. He is currently Chancellor of the University of NSW, President of the Art Gallery of NSW Trust, and patron of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

However, he may be best known as chairman of a committee that made recommendations regarding funding of education in Australia, commissioned by Julia Gillard. The committee’s report is known as the Gonski Report and proposed reforms including an increase in funding.


This was a 3-camera shoot with lighting setup, conducted at David Gonski’s office. Choosing a three camera setup is vital in lengthy interviews as multiple cameras create interest and energy.

Direction was provided to both Charles Leyland and David Gonski regarding authenticity and how to behave in front of the camera.


This interview video series gives voice to multiple experts in the finance and business sector and provides an insight into their area of specialisation, demonstrates the expertise and objectives valued by Leyland Private Wealth Asset Management, elevates their profile within the business community and expands their professional network.

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