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Interview Video, Lindsay Bourke, Australian Honey Products

Interview Video, Lindsay Bourke, Australian Honey Products

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We were approached to produce this interview video for B-QUAL Australia Pty Ltd which has been established as an independently developed and audited food safety program by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC). They required a series of videos to facilitate new member induction and to support current members in their bee keeping operations.

In this video we profile one of Australia's largest bee operations, Australian Honey Products Pty Ltd. Established in 1966, Australian Honey Products is a multi-award winning, family-owned business of 20 employees located in Sheffield and Launceston. We interviewed Lindsay Bourke who is the Managing Director and the video interview was supplemented with B-roll coverage of the business.

Lindsay Bourke began beekeeping in 1966 and has lived in Tasmania all his life,. After producing honey for more than 15 years, Lindsay moved away from beekeeping to pursue other business interests. In 1999 the lure of beekeeping drew Lindsay back and he has since gone on to build and develop Australian Honey Products into Tasmania’s largest apiary and the fifth-largest in Australia, with more than 4,000 hives. Lindsay is a Master Beekeeper who oversees the company’s beekeeping operations and product development.

Tasmania is the only GMO free state in Australia, unarguably due its pristine environment.

Australian Honey Products operates from both Sheffield and Launceston, moving its hives throughout all of the island state of Tasmania.

The Sheffield Honey Farm is a state-of-the-art processing facility where all of the company’s honey is extracted. Built in 2015/2016 the farm is the largest extracting facility in Australia.

The Launceston headquarters are located at the Invermay depot, which also holds the Northern Beekeeping crew and their equipment.

The company engages in all facets of the beekeeping industry including honey production, brewed honey products, pollination services and the export of live bees.