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McLaren and Smartsheets, F1, Deadly Science Event Video

McLaren and Smartsheets, F1, Deadly Science Event Video

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Pixel3 Video Productions has provided live event videography in Melbourne and Sydney for more than 12 years. During that time, we’ve covered events of all sizes and have helped marketing teams create various engaging video assets for their event. It’s fair to say that capturing a special partnership between Smartsheet, Maclaren and Deadly Science at the Melbourne Grand Prix, is one of the most high-adrenaline projects we’ve been tasked with. 

Smartsheet is a software offering collaboration and work management. It is used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work. Smartsheet has a sponsorship with Maclaren, a British motor racing team.

During the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, Smartsheets hosted a very special partner throughout the weekend. 

Deadly Science, is a not-for-profit organisation that provides STEM resources and learning experiences to regional and remote schools in Australia. During the Grand Prix weekend, Smartsheet’s replaced their logo on the two Maclaren cars, with the Deadly Science logo. As huge supporters of the Deadly Science cause, they wanted to amplify all the amazing work they’re doing in the community.

The Smartsheet team were genuinely excited about the exposure they were able to give to Deadly Science.

“The fact that we’re spreading awareness of Deadly Science it’s just so cool”, Sarah Goldman, Client Development Manager, Smartsheet.

“We had three people walking past us today going, ‘are you guys from Smartsheet? Love what you’re doing with Maclaren and Deadly Science’. It was the biggest highlight of the weekend”, said Adam Caruson, Client Development Manager, Smartsheet.

“Spending three days with like-minded people, that isn’t necessarily about work, it’s just building relationships, getting to know the DNA of Smartsheet, and having a great time together”, Jen Glass.

Daniel Ricciardo, Australian Motorsport Driver for Maclaren said, “Today I’m just driving around in circles but if it helps encourage or inspire a lot of these young indigenous students, I think that’s really cool”.

The team from Deadly Science were just as enthusiastic. “We’ve not only made friends this weekend, we’ve made family and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it”, Corey Tutt, Deadly Science. 

Capturing your live event with video is a powerful way of capitalising on its success, as well as raising awareness of your brand or initiative. 

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