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Improve Patient Communication With Medical Patient Videos

Improve Patient Communication With Medical Patient Videos

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Medical Patient Video, NECA

This medical patient video was a collaboration between Ipsen Australia, and NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia (NECA), a patient support organisation. The shared objective was to promote support services available to those newly diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour (NET).

Newly diagnosed patients, as well as their carers, can find themselves in a lonely place. Receiving a diagnosis and potentially confronting prognosis can be a hard thing to navigate on your own.

And this is why NECA developed the first specialist telehealth NET nurse support service, a telephone and online platform where trained NET nurses listen to concerns, answer questions and assist in navigating the cancer journey. These world-first initiatives also include a series of online accredited educational modules to ensure GPs and nurses are as up to date as possible on the latest NET treatments, and coordinated national support groups where the NET community can support each other in a safe and friendly environment.

Producing patient support videos requires a sensitive approach. Healthcare professionals have very unique communication challenges so it’s crucial that we create highly-considered video content that breaks down taboos, addresses objectives and strengthens messages.

For this promotional patient service video, we interviewed four subjects in order to provide a comprehensive insight into the support services available. Simone Leyden, CEO and co-founder of NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia, anchors the video with her introduction to NECA and the services they have created.

We also interviewed a Nurse and Project Officer with expertise in NETs, as well as one of the Telehealth Nurses.

Possibly the most powerful interviewee is NET patient and volunteer, David Lockwood. David outlines his journey to diagnosis and the loneliness he felt when he was given just six months to live. Discovering the NECA online support service, speaking to a NET nurse, and being referred to a peer support group, completely changed his experience and feelings of aloneness.

Because video is such a powerful medium, it can reach individuals that feel overwhelmed by written medical information as well as breaking down cultural and language barriers. We can also elevate otherwise dry subject matter by creating a visually engaging and non-threatening delivery.

We asked NECA to provide feedback on their video and the process of working with Pixel3 Video Productions.

How have you used the video?

The video is housed on two separate locations on our website (About Us & Fundraising). In addition to this we have been sending out the video to new patients so they can see the breadth of our services. It’s been so helpful sending a link to this video to Fundraisers and Donors so they can see where their funds are spent.

The video has also been posted to our social media and sent out in our EDM.

How has it been helpful?

NECA do so much behind the scenes for patients, carers and HCPs. The video has been so helpful in summing up all that we do in three minutes, and it’s easy to send/share a link.

What kind of feedback have you received?

The most common feedback has been, “I didn’t realise NECA do so much” and “how to do you do so much with the size of your team?”

What was it like working with Pixel3 Video Productions?

Easy. The briefing process was clear and we had communication with the team at all times. We felt we could ask any question along the way.

How did you find the process?

Easy to follow. We felt like we were guided clearly and that our input was valued.

Adie Williams
Marketing and Partnerships Manager
NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia

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