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nailKALM Anti Fungal, Promo Video

nailKALM Anti Fungal, Promo Video

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The team at nailKALM Anti Fungal approached us to help raise the profile of their product that can help to naturally heal fungal nail infections and to explain simply how it works. Specifically, they wanted podiatrists to learn about the product from a trusted peer so they feel motivated to try the product for themselves.

nailKALM Anti Fungal is an Australian product that is used to treat fungal nail infections. It is naturally derived from blue-green algae and is non-toxic. Podiatrists noticed that some clients don’t want to use medicated products or are going through other treatments that mean they are unable to use it.

nailKALM Anti Fungal has been clinically proven to work on fungal nail infection, is easy to use, and doesn’t require any filing of the nail. It can be safely used on a wide variety of patients from the elderly to young children. It’s application involves painting the nail plate so it gets absorbed through to the nail bed and kills the cell membrane on the cell wall of the fungus.

Once we’d met with the team, we collaborated on a brief together to define their objectives. We produced three videos for nailKALM Anti Fungal product - one long form and 2 x 30 second edits. This gave them different options for sharing their videos on their website, across their social media platforms, and by email.

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we don’t believe in short attention spans. If your video content is well thought-out, well-planned and targeted correctly to engage your audience, they will engage with it and be inspired to act.

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