E-Learning Healthcare Training Video Content – Jean Hailes

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E-Learning Healthcare Training Video Content – Jean Hailes

We create e-learning videos to help our clients more effectively disseminate healthcare information.

E-learning videos are in high demand particularly in the healthcare space.  They are relatively cost effective to produce, allow for more control over the content and can quickly be disseminated to a large audience.

In this sample, Jean Hailes made the most of an opportunity to have an internationally recognised keynote speaker they invited for an event, to produce this content for their audience.

The most important element of an e-learning video production is ensuring that the finished content is produced to a high standard. The video, audio and graphics to be clear so that the content can be easily digested without interruption.

In this video, Dr Krisztina Bajzak presents her content in a talking head style (looking directly into the lens and addressing the viewer). It’s easy to follow and her delivery is accompanied with her PowerPoint slides.

Her presentation it titled: “pain without nociception”.

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