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Pre-Event Video, Keynote Speaker Address

Pre-Event Video, Keynote Speaker Address

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For many event managers, producing pre-event video content to build excitement and momentum for an event is normally a last minute effort. Unfortunately, poorly planned content will only marginally be effective (at best) and is a real lost opportunity at engaging the events audience.

Irrespective of your industry or where ever you are holding your event, producing pre-event videos should be a priority for your overall marketing strategy.  Attendees look for information prior to attending an event. Website and social media channel visitors will expect to see video content to learn more about what is being offered.

We all know just how easily consumed video content is. And producing video content to be released before, during, and after an event is vital to the overall attendee experience.

In this video Holly Ransom, was the keynote speaker at Bastow's Leadership Conference. We worked with her to produce a number of pre-event videos. This one is a talking head address in which she highlights some of the themes of the conference. The content was used in an email blast and across the events social media channels.

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