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Laserbond Sydney, Promotional Videos

Laserbond Sydney, Promotional Videos

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LaserBond is a specialist surface engineering company that develops and applies materials, technologies and methodologies to maximize performance and lifespan of capital-intensive machinery components. They recently tasked us with the creation of various promotional video assets to visually demonstrate Laserbond service offerings and to give sales staff content to show prospective clients their machines and how they work. We've been working in promotional video production for many years so it was great to collaborate with another experienced provider.

We asked Marketing Manager, Loren Vongsarath how they're using their promotional videos, what kind of reception they've had and how they found the experience of working with Pixel3 Video Productions.

Why did you need a promotional video?

We will be using the videos to showcase our capabilities to customers and industry sectors to further promote what we can do. We have uploaded the videos to our website, where we have created a new page to showcase the videos. We have also included a brief synopsis of the video and the technical specifications of the machinery. We also plan to use them across our social media accounts, (LinkedIn, Facebook and You Tube), as they are the perfect length for socials and will give us the impressions and engagement we need.

How have these promotional videos been helpful?

The videos will become a useful sales tool for our sales representatives and engineers when talking to existing and new customers and suppliers. We are hoping that the videos boost our engagement on our social media platforms too.

What kind of feedback have you received?

Our new videos have been well received by our team and customers. They are the perfect length to keep people interested and they also look very professional and represent our brand well.

What was it like working with Pixel3 Video Productions?

The process was easy and the ongoing communication really helped make the process run very smoothly. The team were very professional and great communicators, and the videographers and producers were very talented. We found our videographer, Gus, to be very hands on. He worked well to understand our business and really embed himself in the shoot eg taking the time to learn what the technicians were doing before he started filming. This worked really well to get the best out of the technicians on the day and they thoroughly enjoyed participating in the film shoot too!

Any additional info you want to share?

Pixel3 worked in both our sites in NSW and Victoria to develop 18 short videos for us and there are two more on the way! We understand that there was a lot of work on both pre and post-production sides so we appreciate the time and effort of all team members to achieve a successful end result.

Loren Vongsarath

Loren Vongsarath
Marketing Manager