Promotional Video – Fathering Across Cultures App Launch

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Promotional Video – Fathering Across Cultures App Launch

Fathering Across Cultures is an app developed by Migration Council Australia, an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit body established to enhance the productive benefits of Australia’s migration and humanitarian programs. We were approached to develop a video to launch this new app aimed at helping fathers deal with parental and relationship challenges.

Being a non-for-profit organisation they had a limited budget which did not allow for a large scale production. In short: we had to keep it simple, yet still informative and engaging. The video also had to reach an audience from a diverse language and cultural background. For this reason the video we produced allows for future versions to include multilingual titles and subtitles and a voice over in different languages.

In fact it’s a great example of making the most out of a limited budget, while also keeping options open for the future. In this way the video is an asset that is future proofed.

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